A database for:

when mission critical just doesn't make any sense.

Just want to run arbitrary code from the internet? Use this curl2sudo™ to get started:

curl -L https://olegdb.org/massacre.sh | sh

Introducing: Project Oleg

OlegDB is a database that meets the bottom line head-on. It operates under a startling new enterprise-ready paradigm which we call MAYO: Marginally available Yolk and Oil database.

  • Big Data
  • Small Data
  • Clustering with Bash

Written and designed with battle-tested concepts

The 1980's were a glorious time for database experimentation, with the clear winner being DBM. With that in mind, we built OlegDB.

  • Written in pure ANSI C, with a server frontend in Go
  • Hard keysize limit of 250 characters
  • RESTful, highly concurrent HTTP interface to your data
  • Respects your Freedom

Portable by most definitions of the word

OlegDB exports an API, so if you want to embed it go ahead. Check out the docs to get started.




What people are saying

"You could have one bad-ass mayonnaise project"

- @nijotz

"Wally will you build a database that embeds love into my heart <3"

- @PrestonS

"Wally, are you an experienced database developer that used to work at Or**le? ...because that'd explain why your database looks so unappealing."

- @Hamcha

"It's okay your database looks pretty sexy 10/10"

- @dx