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Is this a joke?

No. We use this everyday for all of our projects.

Why are you doing this?

"My goal is to outrank redis with one of the worst OSS products on the free market."

Kyle Terry, Senior Developer

Can I use this in production?

Yeah, sure whatever.

Should I use this in production?

Yes, most definitely.

Why did you make X the way it is? Other people do Y.

Well, we're trend-setters. Clearly our way of accomplishing things just hasn't been accepted yet.

Are you guys CS 100 students?

We were. Never really made it past that.

What sets OlegDB apart from Leading NoSQL Data Solution X™?

With our stubborn dedication to quality, C and a lack of experience, we bring a unique perspective to an otherwise ugly and lacking marketplace. Arbitrary decisions, a lack of strong leadership and internal arguments have turned the project into a double-edged sword, ready to cut into anyone and anything.

What other projects do you like?

We like every flavor-of-the-week database. Here are a couple:

When I upload a large file via curl, it comes back different. What gives?

Don't use curl to upload files into Oleg. Use something else. See here.