OlegDB Financials 2020 Q1

2020-03-12 by Quinlan PfifferComments

It's been a while since our last report, so I figured I'd write up a quick coverage of how much money OlegDB has made to date.

OlegDB Proleg Subscribers: 0
Sticker sales to date: 9

As y…

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More on Go vs. Erlang

2015-01-31 by Quinlan PfifferComments

During our most recent episode of OlegDB muckery, I glossed over how we migrated from Erlang to Go for the latest release. I also promised that I would go over in more detail why we switched and what the benefit was, even if our l…

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OlegDB 0.1.5 "Spider Marketplace" Released

2015-01-25 by Quinlan PfifferComments

With an exciting new year comes and exciting new release of OlegDB! We have a sweet suite of backwards-compatible (kind of) changes in store for all 12 of you using this mayo jar of a database! Including but not limited to:

OlegDB 0.1.2 "Mayo Indoctrination" Released

2014-06-25 by Quinlan PfifferComments

This is a pretty heavy release, in which we introduce prefix matching , key/cursor iteration and a new mmap() based data architecture which you can read about …

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Sloppily Measuring the Effects of LZ4 Compression

2014-06-16 by Quinlan PfifferComments

Way back in 0.1.1 we added the ability to compress your data using LZ4. Since I haven't written in a while and we'd never really measured the performance aspects of using LZ4, I figured now was as good a time as any. Segfaults are low, moral is high and Read the Full Post

OlegDB 0.1.1 'Cartwheeling Trespassers' released

2014-05-05 by Quinlan PfifferComments

Proleg Labs™ is happy to announce a new and improved OlegDB! Nicknamed Cartwheeling Trespassers, this release packs in a whopping delta of 44 files changed, 869 insertions and 2864 deletions. Hot damn!

Bugfixes i…

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Benchmarking with Wrk

2014-04-12 by Quinlan PfifferComments

Today at Proleg Labs™ we're going to discuss the awesome bechmarking tool wrk. wrk is a badass little HTTP stress testing utility written by a mysterious open-source do-gooders. I'm gonna run through how we torture OlegDB …

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