OlegDB 0.1.2 "Mayo Indoctrination" Released

2014-06-25 by Quinlan PfifferComments

This is a pretty heavy release, in which we introduce prefix matching , key/cursor iteration and a new mmap() based data architecture which you can read about here.

Thanks to our contributors, Alessandro Gatti and Martijn Gerkes.

Using OlegDB? Want help? Scared? Check out our IRC channel on freenode: #olegdb.

Full Changelog

  • Prefix matching via HTTP
  • Cursor iteration via HTTP
  • Values are now mmap()'d in from a values file, which means they don't quite have to be resident in-memory for use.
  • Erlang frontend now periodically calls fflush() and fsync() to ensure data is written to disk.
  • Erlang frontend now periodically compacts and cleanses the AOL file
  • More tests
  • Various bugfixes

File Deltas

$ git diff --stat v.0.1.1 HEAD
76 files changed, 5743 insertions(+), 6052 deletions(-)

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