OlegDB 0.1.1 'Cartwheeling Trespassers' released

2014-05-05 by Quinlan PfifferComments

Proleg Labs™ is happy to announce a new and improved OlegDB! Nicknamed Cartwheeling Trespassers, this release packs in a whopping delta of 44 files changed, 869 insertions and 2864 deletions. Hot damn!

Bugfixes in this release include the longstanding segfault-on-deletion-but-only-sometimes bug, lots of memory leak fixes and a much more rigorous attention to static analysis. Also of note are some compilation fixes for BSD, so hopefully we'll see Oleg running on more platforms.

As for features, we've recently added LZ4 compression which works really well on some datasets but not on others. It's fast though and it saves a lot of memory. We've also added some weird looking data structures called splay trees. Splay trees will eventually allow use to get cursor-style iteration and prefix-matching when 0.2.0 rolls around.

Prefix-matching isn't quite ready via the Erlang frontend, but you can get your hands wet with liboleg's prefix matching if you're into that sort of thing.

And finally, thanks to those who contributed, Alessandro Gatti and Colby Olson.

Look forward to 0.2.0 sometime later in May. Probably. Otherwise, yell at me on twitter.

Warning, pretty loud:

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