OlegDB Financials 2020 Q1

2020-03-12 by Quinlan PfifferComments

It's been a while since our last report, so I figured I'd write up a quick coverage of how much money OlegDB has made to date.

OlegDB Proleg Subscribers: 0
Sticker sales to date: 9

As you can see the only thing currently making us any money is the sticker sales, of which the margins are razor thin. Let's see the breakdown of the total profit from the stickers:

  1. 0.48,Apr 2 2014,Graphics
  2. 0.56,Jan 25 2015,Graphics
  3. 0.56,Jan 25 2015,Graphics
  4. 1.98,Jan 30 2015,Graphics
  5. 0.14,May 7 2015,Logo
  6. 0.14,May 7 2015,Graphics
  7. 0.17,Aug 23 2015,Logo
  8. 0.17,Aug 23 2015,Graphics
  9. 0.21,Jun 23 2018,Graphics
  10. 0.21,Dec 5 2018,Graphics
  11. 0.85,Dec 10 2019,Graphics
  12. 2.62,Feb 18 2020,Graphics

Quite a few of those orders have just been me, so I'm not really sure how much we've actually made. Clearly it's less than $10.00.

It's tough running a largely successful Open Source project, so I really appreciate all of your support. I look forward to another successful quarter with all of you!

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